Solving the Mystery Continued…

Our neighbors on Tazewell are a young family from Midlothian (small world). They clued us in about the town tax records that we could access on line. They go back to the 1800’s so we were able to search for Wm E. Nottingham by year. We started in 1902 and found that he owned a lot but could see there was no building on the lot. 1903 did not have those records and 1904 is missing entirely. BUT, in 1905 we can see he owned a lot and a building valued at $800! So now we know the house was standing in 1905.

I underlined the entry for Mr. Nottingham. Lot# 473, lot worth $170, building worth $800.

I circled in blue where there is no number in that column which means there is no building on the lot.

So now we know for certain that the building was there in 1905 but could possibly have been there as early as 1903. Maybe a trip back to the courthouse…

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